Web Site Design

We can provide all services from basic design advice to design, implementation and testing of your site.

Many companies and organisations have been disappointed by the lack of web traffic that their sites attract. This is often because they understand the need for professionally designed brochures, leaflets, mail drops and business cards, but allow anyone with a smattering of Internet knowledge to design their web site. Poorly produced sites are often initially aesthetically appealing, but are not user friendly, nor capable of promoting the company image in the way that is required. Furthermore, most are not designed to comply with the W3C usability guidelines, which are currently de facto standard, and may soon become law.

Our design advice is based on current good practice and academic research done in the fields of web design and computer usability. We are particularly skilled in ensuring that web sites are usable by the growing number of “silver surfers”, who may have some physical impairments, but who are regularly using the world wide web.